Foo Fighters End “Late Show” Residency with Top Ten List, Performance of New Single

Jeffrey R. Staab/CBSFoo Fighters ended their week-long stay at CBS' Late Show Friday night by presenting a Top Ten list and performing their just-released single from their new album, Sonic Highways.

The Top Ten list, presented by all five members of the band, ran down the items they "would like to say after spending a week at the Late Show." The funniest lines came from guitarist Pat Smear. When he remarked the Late Show is "not a bad place to be quarantined," referring to the Ebola epidemic, Letterman quipped, "When you were a kid, did you get teased about 'Pat Smear'?" Smear, whose birth name is Georg Albert Ruthenberg, nodded his head and gave a thumbs-down sign.

Later on in the Top Ten list, Smear said to Late Show announcer Alan Kalter, "I'll miss you, Alan." Both men then gave each other affectionate looks.

The Foo Fighters closed the show by performing their new single, "Something for Nothing," with Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen. Nielsen also appears on the Sonic Highways recording of the track.

All week, the Foo Fighters collaborated with special guests on the Late Show, including Nielsen twice, Zac Brown, Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson, and Tony Joe White.

The band was promoting their new HBO series, Foo Fighters Sonic Highways, which premiered Friday, and their Sonic Highways album, which will be released November 10.

The Foos taped Friday's Late Show appearance in advance. Around the time it aired on the East Coast, they were performing at The Cubby Bear in Chicago for a concert that was streamed on HBO's Facebook page.

Here's the list of the "Top Ten Things Foo Fighters Would Like to Say After Spending a Week at the Late Show":

10. We agreed to be here because we thought Dave was dying.
9. Big "thank you" to the dozens of people watching.
8. So far no mention of us getting paid.
7. All in all, not a bad place to be quarantined.
6. Next week, catch us on Judge Judy.
5. I never got to plug my cookbook.
4. Every staffer here asked me for weed.
3. Not every Top Ten list is a winner.
2. I'll miss you, Alan.
1. And we thought we were dysfunctional.

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