Gavin Rossdale on Bush’s Tour: “It’s a Jungle Out There”

Credit: Joseph LlanesOn Friday, Bush launched their North American headlining tour in support of their latest album, Man on the Run. The album is the band's second post-reunion release, following 2011's The Sea of Memories. When Bush first began touring after a nearly decade-long hiatus, frontman Gavin Rossdale didn't want to rest on the laurels of his past successes.

"When you've been away from Bush, or from your band, for a while, you can either come back and expect people to be there and sort of come back and be super confident, or you can be English and be sort of wary and lower your expectations, and just kind of, I don't know, street fight your way back up," Rossdale tells ABC News Radio. "And that's what we did."

As the band has played more shows together, Rossdale has developed more nuanced ideas for Bush's live concerts, but at the heart of the show still exists the simple desire to deliver a great performance.

"I want to avoid that sort of dull, 'Let's go to the bar' three-quarters of the way through the show moment, I want to make it dynamic," Rossdale says. "I just always want to improve it, and that's the best thing about being on tour is that you get that chance to just continue trying to improve. We've never phoned it in. It's a jungle out there, so we just try and be the best that we can."

Part of that constant improving comes from the way Rossdale and Bush design the set list for each show.

"We change the set a lot because you want to keep in interesting," Rossdale tells ABC News Radio. "Especially now, everybody films everything, so if you start playing the same set over and over, it's not very inspiring."

Touring has also given Rossdale a chance to connect with his fans. Given Bush's longevity -- the band's hit debut album, Sixteen Stone, celebrated its 20th anniversary last year -- the frontman has witnessed how his fanbase has evolved over the years.

"It's become multi-generational now," says Rossdale. "You know these last tours that we did, I literally would meet people whose older brother introduced them to the band, but they were seven at the time and they couldn't come to the shows. So there's a real lot of young people."

Bush's North American headlining tour will run through a March 14 date in San Antonio, Texas. In May, Bush will play the Carolina Rebellion Festival in Concord, North Carolina and the Wildflower Music & Art Festival in Richardson, Texas. Visit for all ticket info.

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