Gotye’s Political Group Given Party Status in Australia

Image Courtesy of Cybele MalinowksiThe Basics -- an Australian political group made up of Kris Schroeder, Tim Heath and Wally De Backer, a.k.a. Gotye -- has been granted official party status in the group's home country by the Victorian Electoral Commission. The Guardian reports that the Basics Rock n’ Roll Party successfully gathered the required 500 members and will run Schroeder and Heath as “upper house candidates for the northern metropolitan region for the state election,” which will be held November 29.

As a progressive party, the Basics Rock n’ Roll Party wants to promote learning about localized Indigenous culture in school curriculua, as well as address and change legislation that allows alcohol companies to sponsor sporting and cultural events.

Schroeder tells The Guardian that the party is less concerned with winning an election and more focused on demonstrating how “you can operate in the political arena with honesty and integrity as an example for others.”

The Basics are also a band, and they just released their latest EP, The Lucky Country. You can stream the EP’s title track on YouTube.

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