Jam with Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins on WholeWorldBand App

Credit: Ringo StarrDave Grohl may have been the drummer in Nirvana, but his drummer in the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins, is pretty good too. If you've ever dreamed of jamming with Hawkins behind the kit, you're in luck -- a new app is allowing you to do just that.

WholeWorldBand is a web-based app that allows musicians and fans to create and share personalized music videos. For his contribution, Hawkins uploaded a three-and-a-half minute clip featuring a variety of drum beats that a user can play over to create their own song.

"I was kinda imagining some sort of song in there, but I want you guys to be creative and think of your own thing," says Hawkins. "There's a lot of room in the groove...I think there's room for a guitar solo somewhere in there, or a keyboard solo, or a sax solo or a friction' tap dancing solo...think outside the box!"

Meanwhile, Hawkins will go back to jamming with the Foo Fighters for the band's massive North American summer stadium tour, which kicks off July 4 in Washington, D.C.

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