Meg Myers Wants to “Feel Everything that I’m Saying” While Performing Live

Credit: Darren AnkenmanMeg Myers is currently in the midst of her first headlining tour, which resumes tonight in Columbus, Ohio. The Tennessee-born singer-songwriter racked up two hits at alternative rock radio with her intimate, visceral songs "Desire" and "Sorry." In bringing that emotion to the live stage, Myers just wants to be authentic.

"I'm still trying to figure out how to do it night after night and be OK," Myers tells ABC Radio. "I don't want to get up there without feeling everything that I'm saying. Not necessarily re-living but just relating to what I'm singing. So it's crazy."

Myers thinks that her offstage personality is a lot different from her onstage persona, but she feels intense emotions no matter where she is.

"I'm just like bubbly and I like to laugh and I'm joyful," Myers says. "I'm also, I think...I've struggled for sure with like depression and I think I'm deep down a pretty sad person."

"I'm pretty extreme," she adds. "It's either I am really sad -- that's how I let that out on stage or through just writing, writing and performing. But then offstage I'm just a normal person."

In performing live, Myers hopes that the rawness of her songs reaches the crowd in a way that helps them not only understand where she's coming from, but also their own emotions.

"I hope that I made [the crowd] feel something," Myers tells ABC Radio. "Not to be cheesy but hopefully, change someone's perspective in a good way, for the better. Or give somebody hope or just some sort of feeling." 

Myers' headlining tour will continue into June. Later this year, she'll play the Austin City Limits festival in Austin, Texas.

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