Muse Unveils “Dead Inside” Video

Credit: Danny ClinchIf you wondered exactly what Matt Bellamy meant when he sang "Now I'm dead inside" on the new Muse single, "Dead Inside," take a gander at the track's new video. The clip features a man and a woman performing an intricate dance routine -- the woman's eyes are blacked out at the beginning of the video, but by the end, the man's eyes are blacked out as well. You can watch the "Dead Inside" video now on YouTube.

Bellamy previously told Q magazine that "Dead Inside" is about "a relationship ending and a person becoming dead inside themselves." Last year, Bellamy and actress Kate Hudson ended their three-year engagement.

"Dead Inside" is the lead single from Muse's forthcoming album, Drones, which will be released on June 9. Before Drones arrives, Muse will play shows in New York City and Los Angeles, followed by a trek through the European festival circuit.

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