Rage Against the Machine Bassist Tim Commerford Takes on Steroids Issue with New Band, Future User

Credit: Dana KleinOver the past couple months, you may have noticed a few new music videos from a new band called Future User. One of the videos, "Clockwork," features a masked man kidnapping and waterboarding none other than tennis legend John McEnroe. Now, that masked man has revealed himself as Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave bassist Tim Commerford.

In the new Future User video, "Mountain Lion," the masked man takes off his disguise to reveal Commerford's face and his distinctive tattoos. The song comments on the use of performance-enhancing drugs, and even features a cameo from seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, who was famously banned from cycling and stripped of his Tour de France titles after admitting to doping.

"The amount of attention given to PEDs is incredible," Commerford tells Rolling Stone. "Especially when you consider the amount of drugs -- recreational, illegal and pharmaceutical -- that America supports and profits from."

The release of the "Mountain Lion" video comes on the heels of Armstrong's admission to the BBC that, if given the opportunity, he "would probably [cheat] again."

Previous Future User videos have been similarly concerned with political and health issues, including surveillance and genetically-altered food.

Future User's debut album, #SteroidsorHeroin, will be released February 24.

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