Mumford and Sons’ Secret Boy Band Past Exposed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

James Minchin IIIWhile Mumford and Sons' fusion of rock, folk, and bluegrass have made them world famous, they supposedly have a more embarrassing musical past -- one that was exposed by a disgruntled former bandmate, Jimmy Kimmel, in a sketch Wednesday night.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel blew the lid off of Mumtown, which featured the New Kids-like stylings of the band, who according to Behind the Mumfords once packed shopping malls as Benjy, T.D., Winston, and Marcy Markus. Joining the foursome was Kimmel as "Mum," who apparently earned his nickname because his voice was so bad, he wasn't allowed to sing.

Instead, Mum he became the band's "chief lyricist," penning songs like 1998's "O.M.G.U.H.O.T.," before tensions with the band led them to kick Kimmel out.  Then, in a moment of divine intervention, the remaining band members discovered a banjo that changed their musical lives.

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